Montrer l’exemple : les principes de leadership de Tony Elumelu.

Les gens me demandent souvent TOE, comment puis-je apprendre le leadership. Doisje suivre un cours ? Acheter un livre ? Trouver un mentor ? Les leaders sont-ils nés ou pouvons-nous devenir un leader ? Tout comme je le dis à propos du succès d’une entreprise, le leadership comporte de nombreux éléments liés à la chance […]

Leading by Example:My Leadership Principles.

People often ask me, TOE how do I learn leadership. Should I go on a course? Buy a book? Get a mentor? Are leaders born, or can you become a leader? Just as I say about business success, leadership has many components – luck, being in the right place at the right time. But I […]

Building to Last: Nurturing Excellence and Crafting Future African Leaders at UBA.

Some moments resonate as profoundly remarkable in life, where dreams are born from humble beginnings and transformed into extraordinary realities. As I stood before 700 UBA graduate trainees, drawn from across Africa, I thought of the long journey that brought me to where I am today. A journey that began with the same vigour, dedication, […]

Nigeria at 63: Collective Actions to foster Nation-Building.

Happy independence everyone! As we celebrate another year of independence, it is time to reflect, to look in the mirror, for our nation and ourselves. We know Nigeria, we love Nigeria, Nigeria is one of Africa’s most diverse and dynamic countries. We are a nation that excites, beguiles, and dreams. Yet, amidst our diversity and […]

UNGA78: Tony Elumelu x Clinton Global Initiative; “Shifting the Power: How New Philanthropic Approaches Can Transform the World of Social Impact”

Yesterday, on the sidelines of #UNGA78, I participated in the Clinton Global Initiative panel on Philanthropy, alongside co-panelist Dr. Carmen Rojas, President of the Marguerite Casey Foundation and moderated by Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post and MSNBC. I underscored the critical role of Africapitalism in transforming Africa, both socially and economically. Africapitalism is my […]

Opening Remarks delivered by Tony O. Elumelu, CFR Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation at the TEF-UNDP-UNICEF GEN-U ROUNDTABLE Unveiling the 2023 TEF Impact Report.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023 14 years ago, we set out to change Africa. We wanted African solutions – not selfishly or ideologically – but because we knew instinctively, they would work. In 2015, we focused our efforts entirely on entrepreneurs – launching a 10-year programme to touch millions and fund thousands. We knew a generation […]

Exciting News from UBA Group! Africa’s Global Bank Releases Impressive H1 Result.

This week, UBA Group released half year impressive financial results: 1.   Profit-before-tax of N404 billion2.   Total Assets now N15.38 trillion.3.   Declares Interim Dividend of 50k per share. This represents an annualized interim dividend yield of 7.2%. Our success is a testament to the effectiveness of UBA’s global strategy and our role as the financial intermediary for […]