Growth, Gratitude, and Impact.

Today is about impact, reflection, and gratitude. In 2015, Awele and I made a commitment to empower 10,000 African entrepreneurs, over 10 years, through the Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme. I recall vividly that full room, as I shared my dreams of changing the lives of young Africans. I remembered the chances and opportunities that […]

TOE’s Life Lessons: Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders.

Yesterday, I spoke to a group of brilliant teens at the RCCG TEAP Zone Teens Career Conference 2023. I told my story as Tony Elumelu, the business man and the father.  I have learnt a lot of life lessons on this journey, and I shared with the teens – hoping to inspire them as they […]

Self-Discipline: Critical For A Winning Life.

Recently my family celebrated some incredible milestones.It is a time to reflect, to give thanks and share my motivation. To explain why family keeps me groundedand how self-discipline allows me to balance the demands of business and the love of family. First, my twin boys, Toby and Tony, became communicants of the Catholic Church. We […]

Avon HMO at 10: Celebrating Legacy, Success and A Commitment to Health

On Friday we celebrated Avon HMO turning 10. My wife Dr. Elumelu AKA #MrsTOE put it best. She said, “This journey started ten years ago, and this journey started without anything. It was a clean slate. There was no Avon HMO; there was nothing. There was just a dream. It was just an intent, and […]

Fitness and Exercise: A Healthy Recipe for Success

I often talk about business – my philosophy, my successes and yes, my setbacks. Today, let’s talk about something that is as much a foundation for my success as that philosophy. We are all born with talent – but personal choice, dedication and our mindset often decides if and how we embrace that talent. The […]