Partnerships; Crucial for Business Success.

In my experience as an entrepreneur, I will say that partnerships are crucial for business success. However, it must be said that partnerships are hard in this part of the world. And because partnerships are hard, you and your partners must commit to ensuring that the partnership succeeds. There can be a lot of distractions […]

Fitness and Exercise: A Healthy Recipe for Success

I often talk about business – my philosophy, my successes and yes, my setbacks. Today, let’s talk about something that is as much a foundation for my success as that philosophy. We are all born with talent – but personal choice, dedication and our mindset often decides if and how we embrace that talent. The […]

TEF X UNICEF X GenU X IKEA; Strengthening Climate Resilience through Green Entrepreneurship.

In my OP-ED on the Cop27 climate negotiations in Egypt, I emphasised the unrelenting impact of the climate crisis on communities across Africa highlighting the famine tragedy in east Africa. Read here. Africa is the victim, not the author of this crisis. But Africa can and should act. Today, I am pleased to announce […]

A Year of Resilience

What did 2022 mean for you? For me, like everyone, there were highs and lows. Moments of exhilaration, moments of frustration. Above all, 2022 was a year of resilience. Resilience personally, resilience in our Group, in Africa and amongst those I hold dear, our young African entrepreneurs, my colleagues and my close ones. As a […]

Tony Elumelu Foundation; A Vehicle of Transformative Change.

#TOEAtUNGA Day 2 Wrap Up Often, I am asked what achievement I am most proud of, and my answer is always the same – the sense of fulfilment I feel, when I interact with the beneficiaries of The Tony Elumelu Foundation. Hearing their testimonies, successes and challenges, the impact that $5,000 has on their businesses, ideas, […]

Beyond the chair

Beyond the chair

It was a proud and moving moment last week, to chair the 60th Annual General Meeting of the United Bank for Africa, recording yet another notable milestone in our Group’s history.

Some Lessons From The 2nd Edition of My Mentoring Session


It always gives me great pleasure to encourage others to be successful – in work, business – so that they can also support other people in realising their aspirations. This is the inspiration for my quarterly mentoring session – a hybrid event that creates an intimate opportunity for young people to get acquainted with me, […]

Who and what Inspires you?

TOE at home

As an entrepreneur, I draw inspiration from other brilliant minds in business, technology, entertainment, and indeed all spheres of life. I talked in depth about four of these incredible personalities that I admire in my recent interview with New African Magazine: “I can think of four people, two of whom have passed away that I […]