Fatherhood: my greatest legacy.

I was greatly influenced by my parents. My father was a wise and discerning man, as my mother was enterprising and hardworking.

My father always told us in a proverbial manner that if one earned a dollar and did not save anything, one would earn a billion and not save anything. This statement echoed throughout my childhood and instilled the philosophy of investment just as it taught me the discipline that has governed my career.

My greatest legacy would be to have created such long-lasting impact in my beautiful, hardworking, and brilliant children. Always, as we go through life together, I learn from them just as much as they learn from me, such a great joy.

This experience has been transformative and satisfying. Nothing brings me more joy than being their father and a daily role model for them to emulate. They are my greatest legacy; the source of my joy, the hope for all the tomorrows I am yet to enjoy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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