Ramadan Iftar at Aso Villa: A Shared Vision for a New Nigeria

Yesterday, I was honoured to share Iftar at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, at the invitation of our President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It was heart-warming to sit together, eat together, not just as Muslims or Christians, but as Nigerians who love their country and know what we can achieve.

During the ceremony, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu said something that I have longed for a politician to say: “’There is no driver of the economy that is bigger than the private sector.  If the private sector is not flourishing, there is no growth, no prosperity, no employment or development.”

Africapitalism, a capitalism attuned to Africa’s needs, that encourages communities and social responsibility, that addresses Africa’s development, is crucial in accelerating Africa’s growth and catalysing shared prosperity.

This recognition by our political leaders is catalytic – it is as catalytic as the entrepreneurial generation I nurture across Africa.  Bringing these catalysts together is the chemistry Africa needs.  Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, must regain its economic footing.  We all must contribute – not just the leaders, but everyone; as individuals, we all have our role to play.

As Chairman of Heirs Holdings, I echoed those present, reaffirming my support for President Tinubu’s transformative agenda, giving a renewed hope to Nigeria, the country of our dreams and committing to the realisation of this vision.  This is my country; this is where I was born and raised; this is where I invest actively; this is where I reap the benefits of these investments.  So, I am firm in my belief that Nigeria will succeed.

Our work at Heirs Holdings and our commitment to Africapitalism, show that transformation begins with collaboration.  Our dedication to improving lives and transforming our continent continues to inspire us to do more.  There is still so much work to be done in realising the future we want, and we will continue to work tirelessly to achieve that.

Our President travelled early in his administration, as an ambassador for Nigeria’s economy.  At the New York Stock Exchange, he spoke, and these words are no less relevant today: “Nigeria is a self-believer and can always deliver on its own.  We know our first name and our last name. Our first name is: Spirit, and our last name is: Can do.”

At a holy time, I was honoured to participate, and I am confident that, working together, and supporting President Tinubu’s transformation agenda, we will overcome any obstacle and realise our shared vision of prosperity for all.

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