Worker’s Day: Recognition and Reward for our HH People

Worker’s Day this year made me reflect.  It has been a tough year – and we know things are not getting easier.  The Group has made great strides – but our success is more than just figures, it is the success of all of us.  We are a family – and I know the challenges we all face.

I speak with HH People daily.  I make a deliberate effort to be as close to our people as possible, to appreciate the good work they do, and listen to their concerns.  Our people are our most important asset – a lesson I learnt early on in my career and one that I never take for granted.

When I use the term Africapitalism, when I champion young entrepreneurs, this approach and this philosophy is as important for our own people as it is for the thousands we help across Africa.  If a business is not doing good for its own people, it is not doing well.

Worker’s Day Salary Increase

From these conversations, it was clear to me that this year’s May 1 had to be different.  It had to be completely about putting our people first, about demonstrating our commitment to their wellbeing, about uplifting their personal and family lives so that they find fulfilment, and about showing our people that, indeed, across our Group, we reward excellence and loyalty.

It was with great pleasure that we announced upgraded salary compensation packages across our entire Group and investee companies, to mark Worker’s Day!

Despite the tough year, our staff, over 5,000 of them, have consistently delivered outstanding performance, evidenced by the successes we have recorded.  Our commitment to recognising and rewarding the invaluable contributions of our people remains unwavering, knowing that our people are the backbone of the business.

This salary increase is a message of appreciation to the real heroes who work every day to achieve the results that have made us what we are today.  And the message of our work is getting across, with the tremendous value our listed companies are creating for all stakeholders.

Worker’s Day Salary Increase, HH People

To our HH People: “Well done, guys. You deserve the best”.  Thanks to you all.

Happy worker’s day, HH People!

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