A moment of Appreciation

Monday was a day of emotion and reflection. I hosted colleagues at a cocktail party, to celebrate something very important to me – you, our team, our people.

Earlier this year, we significantly advanced our strategy in the oil and gas sector, completing the historic acquisition of OML17, for $1.1 billion, through Heirs Oil & Gas (HHOG).

Earlier on Monday, I got an email from HHOG’s CEO, Osayande Igiehon, informing me that we are now producing around 40,000 barrels per day – we have increased production in just 7 months by 40%. This is significant, for a business that we took control of the asset in January 2021, and it serves to further crystalize our integrated energy play from oil production to processing. I was deeply moved to be celebrating with all my colleagues across the Group, especially those who were more directly involved in the transaction. It echoes what we have done with other important assets at Ughelli Power Plant and Afam Power Plant, creating opportunity and value in Nigeria, ensuring value flows directly to our country.

There is one reason I am able to do all this – because I’m surrounded by great people. My colleagues are my backbone, they are my core. When the opportunity presents itself, I do not fail to recognise their dedication, doggedness, tenacity, brilliance, courage and above all – sacrifice and belief in our core values – execution, excellence, and entrepreneurship, all of which contribute immensely to our success at Heirs Holdings Group.

All progressive and successful nations celebrate their people for remarkable feats and for attaining new heights, whether in sports, science or business. Similarly, organisations that celebrate their people when they achieve extraordinary feats don’t go wrong. Beyond salaries, bonuses and promotions, people need to be recognised when they do remarkable things. And words as simple as “thank you” can make the difference!

So, to all those who contributed to the realisation of our oil and gas deal, since we started the journey in 2013, and our wider colleagues across the group, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your contributions are acknowledged and mean a lot to me, keep giving your best.

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