Driving Inclusive Tech Innovation in Africa.

In 2019, I joined President Emmanuel Macron and other global leaders at the illustrious Elysee Palace in France to discuss the convergence of technology and gender equality – two themes profoundly dear to my heart.

As a businessman and a committed founding member of French President Emmanuel Macron’s Tech for Good initiative, I know the indispensable role of technology as the foremost catalyst for economic transformation. I shared my thoughts on the imperative for inclusivity, investment, and gender equality in shaping the future of technology on the African continent.
In this thought leadership piece, I delve into critical insights from the summit, articulating a vision for Africa’s role in the global tech landscape.

1. Africa’s Tech Potential.

Technology is a powerful catalyst for economic development, offering unprecedented opportunities.
With over 60% of Africa’s population under 30, the continent is brimming with potential, craving economic opportunities and hope. We must emphasise the importance of initiatives like Tech for Good being inclusive and accessible to all, particularly in emerging regions like Africa.

2. Tech For All in Africa

We must acknowledge the transformative impact of technology on employment, inclusiveness, and poverty alleviation. There’s, however, the urgency for global attention to ensure young Africans are included in the rapidly evolving tech era. We must holistically tackle the root causes of migration and lack of economic hope.

3. Global Collaboration & Investment

I have challenged world leaders to invest in and train young Africans, fostering true inclusivity in the tech sector. Our leaders must encourage capital investments on the continent to ensure that the benefits of technology are accessible to everyone. Tech for all in Africa must become a priority in global summits like G7 and G20.

4. Leading by Example

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is committed to Tech for All through our platforms like TEFConnect, which highlights the success stories of African entrepreneurs.
The positive outcome demonstrates democratising the digital revolution – personal empowerment, business growth, and a more inclusive society.

5. Gender Equality in Leadership

As agreed in the diversity pact co-signed by select global leaders, including myself, aimed at increasing women’s participation in leadership and technology by 2022, we must bridge the gender divide in the fast-evolving workspace, creating a more inclusive environment. UBA Group has already made progress by promoting gender diversity, both in Africa and internationally, with women holding 31% of senior/executive management positions. This reflects the dedication to merit-based selections and achieving a 30% female representation on the board.
This achievement is a model for other organisations as it demonstrates the positive impact of gender-balanced leadership.


As we navigate the dynamic landscape of global technology, we must recognise Africa’s immense potential, advocate for inclusivity, and lead by example in promoting diversity. Through collaborative efforts and strategic investments, we can ensure that technology is not only for good but for all, empowering the next generation of African innovators and leaders.


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