New Year Interactive Session With Group Staff.

On Sunday, I had an interactive session with Group Executives across Heirs Holdings and UBA Group to commend the team on the successes achieved in 2023 and set the agenda for 2024.
Here are the 6 points I shared with leaders across our Groups to adopt for success:

1. Vision Alignment.

Know your vision – keep that vision in mind, every day and every hour. Carry along your team, it is central to your role to be the lightning rod that conveys and executes that vision.

2. Execution – The Discipline and the Urgency.

Execute with the discipline of focus. In managing, let us focus on leading indicators and not on lagging indicators. Identify those vital few areas that will ensure delivery for this year and deliver flawlessly.

3. People

Grow your own – be active in developing people, not always looking outside for hires. Leaders should communicate and give feedback to colleagues. The feedback needs to be prompt, relevant and actionable – stale feedback is wasted feedback. Celebrate the small wins, as well as the big – and tie this back to the vision. But be authentic, do not brag, encourage, and reward.

4. Show Your Sense of Responsibility.

Responsibility begins with you. Tell yourself that if you do not act or correct a course that is going wrong, no one else will.

5. Marketing & Communication.

Marketing & Communication: Be strategic in your communication, reference your vision, highlight your processes, and honestly and fearlessly champion your success.

6. Rigor of Decision Making:

Interrogate all aspects of strategy. Seek the wisdom of your peers, listen intently, hear others out, Interrogate orthodoxies and old ways. Once the decision is made, execute, review, learn and reinforce, drive that momentum and urgency.
I wish you all a successful 2024.

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