Performance Review: A Crucial Secret to Success

Setting goals creates your map to success – in whatever you do – big or small. The day ahead, the strategy of multinational – and everything in between.

That map, those goals, mark your first points towards success. It means you know where you are heading. It means your focus is aligned. It means you will not waste time, energy, and effort. It means you have the motivation and energy to get things done every day towards that destination.

But having a goal is not enough. You have to:

*Be disciplined.
*Set milestones & wins.
*Take stock – look back, recalibrate, learn and persist.

It is so true, you cannot manage what you do not measure, and you cannot improve what you do not measure.

As the Founder and Chairman of Heirs Holdings, in my entrepreneurial journey, in my approach to philanthropy, in the creation of institutions that are bult to last, in the pursuit of fundamental change in Africa – this has been a key driver of our successes. Heirs Holdings measures to succeed – and we succeed by measuring. The same is true of the Tony Elumelu Foundation.

For one to create meaningful and effective impact, one has to, at every point, ask themselves; are my goals aligned with my long-term purpose, what should I change, what has changed around me?

So, two weeks ago, I convened HH Group senior executives at the Transcorp Hilton in Abuja to track our mid-year performance based on the goals we set and the impact we hope to create.  To be able to successfully do this, together with my team, we focused on four key things which I highly recommend.

  • Journey so far
  • Critical milestones accomplished & undone
  • Celebrations & wins
  • Needed improvements

I make it a point of duty to recognize every milestone that we have achieved, to show gratitude to the people who do it and, to honour the work that they do.

You should too: look back, mark progress, evaluate it, adjust your goals, and celebrate your wins.

As we fully immerse ourselves into the second half of the year, let us take control of our actions and be deliberate with the work that we do ensuring that, we are creating meaning impact that will change our continent to become one that we truly deserve.

Remember that only Africans can develop Africa.

Thanks all for a great first half, and here’s to a strong finish!

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