Self-Discipline: Critical For A Winning Life.

Recently my family celebrated some incredible milestones.
It is a time to reflect, to give thanks and share my motivation. To explain why family keeps me grounded
and how self-discipline allows me to balance the demands of business and the love of family.

First, my twin boys, Toby and Tony, became communicants of the Catholic Church. We are Catholic,
and as part of their Christian journey, receiving holy communion allows them to become full members
of the Church. It is an important step in their journey of faith. It was a time also to pay tribute to my
wonderful wife – and her skills as a mother.

But, Awele is not just an incredible mother. At the beginning of the month, I joined this amazing,
supportive anchor, to celebrate Avon HMO’s decade of empowering people across Nigeria to live
healthier, fuller lives by providing access to quality healthcare services. Awele is a champion of
healthcare in Africa and as Chair of Avon is leading by example.

Two weeks ago, my gorgeous triplets – Ugo, Nneka and Onyinye – received different awards at their
school’s prize-giving ceremony. Ugo was awarded the Dual Science Award, Nneka, The Fifth Form Prize
for Latin and the Sinclair Cup for All Round Academic Achievement and Onyinye, the Upper Fifth RB
Prize for Endeavour. These awards were, as they say in the game of football, ‘hat tricks’ for my family.

On Friday my darling Oge graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, with
a Bachelor of Science in Politics and Philosophy.

I am beyond proud of this significant milestone, not only because this means so much to my family, but
also because for each of these milestones, I know first-hand the effort, time, and dedication each of my
family has put in for these achievements to manifest.

My boys love football. We bond over games, and they know their stuff, but Mrs. TOE and I found a way
to create a healthy balance of love for their studies and football, while also preparing them for Holy

With my triplets, it’s the same but a little more challenging! My girls are in their teens, and teenage years
have got quite the reputation; balancing social life, with studies, me watching as they grow, become
more independent, questioning and looking for answers. Still, as TOE girls, we believe we have instilled
the correct values to help them accomplish great success.

My Mini-me, Oge, has done exceptionally well at Uni – and has made us incredibly proud. Being the
eldest, she has created the blueprint for her siblings to excel. I see the same traits in my second daughter,
Ogo who is away studying Pre-med in the United States.

Let me say that Mrs. TOE makes parenting our children so very easy, as we share the same values. One
of these values is self-discipline.

Introducing the concept of self-discipline in your children at a young age is critical. It’s a family custom
for Mrs. TOE and me – instilling the same values my parents and Mrs. TOE’s parents instilled in us.
I often tell my children that winning starts in their minds, rather than at the finish line. It begins each day
till you achieve your goal. However, you must have self-discipline and robust time management skills to

To achieve winning results, one must be self-disciplined. However, self-discipline does not come
naturally. It has to be practised until it becomes a habit.
To win through self-discipline, you must;

1 .Plan
The first step is to plan. How you plan your day sets everything up for you. Break your week’s goals into smaller daily chunks that become easy to tackle.

2. Execute
It’s effortless to plan, but execution requires a lot of grit, self-discipline, and resilience.
Make it your daily mission to accomplish the goals you set aside for each day.

3. Measure and Review Progress.
People end at execution and skip the progress review. How do know if you reached your goal?
You must take time to review what you accomplished. Reviewing progress helps you determine if
your approach was good or needs to be modified and allows you to identify your mistakes.

Anything is possible with self-discipline, but you must understand the significance of self-discipline in
your life before engaging in it.
Regardless of your desire to give up, stay focused on the goal to be won. The stronger your
determination gets, the higher your chances of winning.
Go on and win the day! Love your families and spread the message.


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