Who and what Inspires you?

As an entrepreneur, I draw inspiration from other brilliant minds in business, technology, entertainment, and indeed all spheres of life. I talked in depth about four of these incredible personalities that I admire in my recent interview with New African Magazine:

“I can think of four people, two of whom have passed away that I continue to draw inspiration from; one is Steve Jobs and the other is Michael Jackson.

With Steve Jobs, I think it’s simply amazing that a man founded a business, and after his death, it became the first company to cross a trillion-dollar market cap!

A key aspiration for every entrepreneur anywhere in the world should be the ability to build a business that lasts. Not one you live and die with. I believe that when you are gone, the business should still be here and even continue to grow and surpass the previous success achieved while you were alive. This is the rare feat that Steve Jobs has accomplished, and should serve as inspiration to all.

Indeed, Steve Jobs has changed the world through his wonderful products and devices. But in addition to his innovation, creativity and drive, his discipline and tenacity which underscored all his achievements in the short period he was on earth, remains truly remarkable.

The second person is Michael Jackson. We all know him as an entertainer, but there is much more to learn from his movie, ‘This Is It’, which was released just after he passed. He was preparing to go on a world tour just before he died, and it was incredible and awe-inspiring to watch him prepare – practicing twice or up to three times a day, pushing himself beyond all physical limits, paying painstaking attention to all details, both big and small. To Michael, everything was important. MJ was arguably our generation’s epitome of excellence and execution. Michael Jackson was talented, but he also worked hard. He constantly refined himself, and was extremely disciplined. He was focused and he made sacrifices. These are the things I like to see in leaders.

For inspirational figures who are still here with us, I would have to mention Bill Gates. Bill’s acumen as a businessman stands out, especially what he’s been able to achieve in technology. But he is also a tremendous thinker and a fine thought leader. I like Jack Ma too. Both men have done very well.”

Who and what inspires you?

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